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Assen Janev /born in Sofia, studied art and media science, currently based in Basel/ is a multidisciplinary artist working in a variety of media including photography, collage, installation, drawing and painting. The focus of his autobiographically motivated works is on the explosive nature of human existence shaped by temporal and spatial simultaneity. His works reflect his commitment to the diversity, the incompatibilities and the contradictions of the world we live in today. They are the external view of an internal resonance space and a polyphonic deconstruction of convictions and certainties. What is revealed in them is the possibility, the potential, the interface between something real and its representation. In this way, different contexts come together to form a complex whole that nevertheless remains a fragment.




Current / Upcoming



Solo exhibition, Charta Gallery

Sofia, Bulgaria






09/10_2023  _swallowed sentences

Group exhibition, +369 Gallery

Sofia, Bulgaria


10_2023 memento mori #22

Site-specific installation Barrio del Carmen

Valencia, Spain


07/08_2023 painting in contemporary art

Group exhibition, City Art Gallery

Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria


03_2023 du mein sie #02

Site-specific installation Parque Natural

de Los Volcanes

Lanzarote, Canary Islands


12_2022 limited prints only #2

Group exhibition, DEPOO

Sofia, Bulgaria


10/11_2022 _komm wort
Solo exhibition, Arosita Gallery

Sofia, Bulgaria


10_2022 koma #05

Site-specific installation Largo José Saramago

Lisbon, Portugal


03_2022 _tod und tanz
Solo exhibition, ONE+ Gallery

Sofia, Bulgaria


12_2021/01_2022 limited prints only #1

Group exhibition, DEPOO

Sofia, Bulgaria


11/12_2021 ultraviolet

between black, white and grey
Solo exhibition, ETAGE EIGHT

Sofia, Bulgaria


05/06_2021 larvatus prodeo
Solo exhibition, DEPOO

Sofia, Bulgaria



Site-specific installation

Lisbon, Portugal

(canceled due to Covid-19)



Site-specific installation

Madrid, Spain

(canceled due to Covid-19)


10_2019 hetztier #02

Site-specific installation Sigmund-Freud-Park

Vienna, Austria


04_2019 migration of fraud #38

Site-specific installation Circo Massimo

Rome, Italy


04_2018 donald #15

Site-specific installation Avinguda del Paral·lel

Barcelona, Spain


02_2018 donald #07

Site-specific installation Alameda de Hercules

Seville, Spain


10_2017 neglect #13

Site-specific installation Karl-Marx-Alee

Berlin, Germany


08_2017 neglect #03

Site-specific installation City Garden

Sofia, Bulgaria

04_2017 migration of fraud #44

Site-specific installation Plaza de los Carros

Madrid, Spain

03_2017 migration of fraud #09

Site-specific installation Giudecca

Venice, Italy

10_2016 migration of fraud / neglect

Site-specific installation Paul-Lincke-Ufer

Berlin, Germany

06_2016 LAS VEGAS, halt

Simultaneous spatial intervention

(with D. Schulz) Alte Zollhalle

ART Basel 2016, Switzerland

01_2016 donald

Solo exhibition, WESTPOL

Basel, Switzerland

09_2015 look at my GUTS

Exhibition series WARTE RAUM 6/11 part III
(with M. Leiss), STELLWERK

Basel, Switzerland

05_2015 migration of fraud

Exhibition series WARTE RAUM 6/11 part II
solo exhibition, STELLWERK

Basel, Switzerland

03_2015 WARTE RAUM 6/11

Exhibition series WARTE RAUM 6/11 part I
(with V. Mitrev), STELLWERK

Basel, Switzerland

11_2014 Kunst_stücke ins Licht getaucht

Group exhibition, DOCK

Basel, Switzerland

06_2014 OUT

2-channel projection for a live dance performance

(with Annapaola Leso), BBAW

Berlin, Germany

05_2014 Physik der Schwermut

1-channel projection for the stage reading with the

Bulgarian author Georgi Gospodinov, STELLWERK

Basel, Switzerland

03_2014 LAS VEGAS, halt

Simultaneous spatial intervention

(with D. Schulz) BOLLAG

Basel, Switzerland

06_2013 me are

Solo exhibition, Walzwerk

Muenchenstein, Switzerland

12_2012 a voice for a play

Sound installation, REGIONALE 13,

Kunsthaus Baselland

Basel, Switzerland

09_2012 me are

Group exhibition, GGG Künstlerhaus

Basel, Switzerland